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More Valve ARG Clues Point Towards Episode 3?

Jonathan Lester
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More Valve ARG Clues Point Towards Episode 3?

Wait, what? Isn't the Potato Sack alternate reality game finally over?

We thought that the play Indie games to accelerate Portal 2's launch countdown and message was the end of it... but by the looks of things, Valve aren't quite done with us. New clues point towards an "ice-breaking" ship - and by proxy, Half Life 2 Episode 3. Full details below.

The Valve ARG wiki (who we've been urging you to follow since the story broke) have reportedly received an encrypted transmission for the eyes of "C.J" - i.e. Aperture Science CEO Cave Johnson - that discusses a retrofitted ice-breaking research vessel.

This has to be the Borealis: the floating Aperture Science lab that's slated to be the setting for Half Life 2 Episode 3.

You know what? This is probably just another heartbreaking teaser that'll leave Newell, Faliszek and the gang rolling around laughing as we cry ourselves to sleep. But hey, we've got Portal 2 to keep us company... and so you can make up your own minds, here's the mysterious message in full.


1. We designed the entire thing to be very, very durable. It was easy to get the materials since everyone’s been thinking it’s a simple icebreaker ship. Ha.

2. We have made sure to strip it of anything not necessary, so that we have plenty of space for it. It doesn’t have any backup supplies in the event the crew runs out of food, though. And there isn’t much food onboard in the first place.

3. In the event you need to send it off all of a sudden, use the OR box with code ‘hb1′.

That’s all, C.J. Not much else I can tell you other than this won’t leave a blight on our record. Mesa is going to be sore when they see what we’ve done.

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