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Valve ARG Reveals New Image

Jonathan Lester
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Portal 2

Valve ARG Reveals New Image

What in the heavens is this?

Avid Valve fans have been rooting through clues embedded in Steam's recent Potato Pack deal (previously believed to be part of an elaborate April Fools hoax) and have assembled the image of what appears to be a bathysphere or diving bell. Interestingly, the real bathysphere was then found on Flickr with a real world location, to which investigative fans are doubtlessly flocking as you read this sentence. We'll keep you posted, but you can stay up to date at the ARG Wiki.

So, what does this all mean? Many people believe that it might be a viral ad for the upcoming Portal 2, but this isn't really Valve's style. After all, they tend to save their ARGs for new reveals. Speculaltion is rampant, but just to put our oar in, Half Life 2 Episode 3 is tipped to take place on the research vessel Borealis. Could it be equipped with a diving bell?

If you want to weigh in - or if you know something we don't - be sure to hit up the comments! Stay tuned for our hands-on with Portal 2 and interview with Valve writer Chet Faliszek tomorrow.

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