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Vancouver 2010 £26.99 @ Everything Play [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Vancouver 2010 £26.99 @ Everything Play [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

Vancouver 2010 is the official game of the Winter Olympics and offers fun in moderation.

Everything Play currently offer the best price for both the XBox and the PS3 versions of the game at £26.99, beating Asda's next best offer by nearly £3.

When considering Vancouver 2010, the word that springs to mind is "ok". The graphics are ok, perfectly serviceable with small scale environments allowing for decent attention to detail but disappointing textures. The events are ok, well designed and quite fun and the first person option is a nice little detail but ultimately this feels like a very shallow skim over the surface of what the Olympics are supposed to be about. There are only 24 countries to compete for and it's hard to feel much for your bland, uncustomisable avatar.

Unfortunately the events on offer in Vancouver 2010 are almost uniformly samey: out of fourteen events there are seven different ways to get down a snowy hill and a further three opportunities to escape an icy tube. Sadly the lower profile, niche sports have been ignored which is a real shame as everyone knows that watching competitors manically sweep the ice during the curling events is the clear highlight of any Winter Olympics. Unleashing some aggression in a fierce hockey clash or decking your straight faced avatar in sequins for some delightful figure skating would have really increased the fun factor and added some much needed variety.

These omissions and the lack of a career mode or similar, makes Vancouver 2010 feel more like a mini game collection than a proper companion to this year's Winter Olympics.

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