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Vessel "Out This Year" On PS3 & Xbox 360

Jonathan Lester
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Vessel "Out This Year" On PS3 & Xbox 360

Outstanding PC Puzzler Already Running On Consoles

Vessel, the exceptional fluid-based puzzler from Strange Loop Games, is already one of 2012's most impressive titles - indie or no. However, excitingly, console players will be able to try out the exceptional experience for themselves before the end of the year.

Speaking to us in a soon-to-be-published interview (watch this space), Strange Loop designer John Krajewski told us that Vessel is already running on consoles, and we can expect it on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. They'll include new functionality such as leaderboards, and will naturally be optimised to run properly on their new homes. As we mentioned in our review, Vessel's fluid mechanics require some serious hardware compared to the majority of indie puzzle-platformers.

It's running on both consoles now, mostly the work will be to make it run well (consoles are older hardware compared to PC, but we can do it) and making the most of the unique features on console like leaderboards, etc. They should be out this year sometime.

Pressed further, Krajewski revealed that they're partnering with Indiepub to bring Vessel to PSN and XBLA, while using a third party developer to help with optimisation. Apparently it's a "great fit" for consoles, and frankly, I believe it.

We're working with our publisher IndiePub to bring Vessel to console and managing the green-lighting of the project which is currently in progress, and we have a third party developer working with us on the port so it's been pretty painless so far. Vessel should be a great fit for console.

We described Strange Loop Games' creation as "a truly superior puzzler and one of 2012's biggest indie hitters" in our 9/10 Vessel Review. Be excited.

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