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From Elder Scrolls V To Del Toro Ruining Our Pants - VGA 2010 Reveals Roundup

Matt Gardner
Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, News, Spike VGAs 2010, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Mass Effect 3

From Elder Scrolls V To Del Toro Ruining Our Pants - VGA 2010 Reveals Roundup

You've got to love the Spike TV VGAs, well actually you don't seeing as they haven't really changed in the last four years and still perceive gamers to be unwashed frat-house dropouts with Cheeto dust all over their grubby little fingers who can't maintain an attention span unless you pepper your discourse with every profanity under the sun. But they do know how to put on a good show and hype things up a wee bit. The show itself might be laughable...but credit where credit's due, the reveals have often been pretty damn cool, and we all love the fans wars that inevitably erupt after awards ceremonies.

Here's Part One of the rundown from last night's show, with the trailers that accompanied them:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It's here. It's been announced....and we couldn't be more excited! Bethesda's Todd Howard appeared at the VGAs last night to let the world know that there will indeed be an Elder Scrolls V, that it's due to land on 11th November 2011, and that it'll be a direct sequel to Oblivion. With the holiday season almost upon us, it's definitely time to plough 100 hours or so back into Oblivion to get yourselves back up to speed. We'll be watching this one very carefully indeed.

Mass Effect 3 Coming 'Holiday 2011'

Not so much of a surprise this one, but good to get some official confirmation. Will there be co-op? What platforms will it be on? Will Shepard get an awesome sidekick voiced by Sean Bean whose name is Sharpe? We can only guess (and dream) about the answers to these questions. But it is happening...as if it were in any doubt.

There are Reapers. In London. It's awesome. Just watch the trailer.

Batman: Arkham City Trailer Introduces Professor Hugo Strange

Revealed at last year's show, Arkham City got itself a brand spanking new trailer this time around, with Batman taking on a SWAT team, interspersed with scenes of one of the surviving soldiers being tortured by one Hugo Strange. We have one of our villains it would seem.

A scientific genius with a penchant for lightning devices and strength serums, Strange divulges that he knows Batman's deepest and darkest secrets. Voice actor Kevin Conroy reckons it's going to be 'really, really dark'. We'll take that.

Uncharted 3 Announced For 1st November 2011 Release

Mark it in your calendars, daub it onto your bedroom walls if you have to. The second game in the series was a masterclass in cinematic game design. We reported on the leak earlier this week alluding to the game's desert setting, the focus on the relationship between Drake and his mentor and a realigned focus on delivering a top-level multiplayer experience too, but now you can start the countdown...and feast your eyes on the longer trailer from last night below:

SSX Is Back...And Kinda Serious

We love the SSX franchise. We want it back, and it looks like we're about to get our wish. But from the looks of the VGA trailer, it seems as though it's taken a turn for the serious. Serious? In an EA Big game? Hmmm. Reserving judgement until we see more.

We're still going to be holding out for outrunning some serious avalanches, maybe beating up a yeti or rescuing stranded skiiers...whilst pulling off some sweet tricks of course.

Forza 4 Slated For 2011

Let the games begin. With PS3 fans going nuts over Gran Turismo 5, their Xbox 360 counterparts have been left mulling overlast year's effort from Turn 10, itself no mean slouch. Will 2011 give them something to scream about?

Featuring a partnership with Top Gear, there's also a possibility that Forza 4 might pave the way for some sort of Kinect compatibility, though nothing official has surfaced on that count just yet aside from the tantalising presentation at E3.

Resistance 3 Dated For 6th September 2011

We caught a snapshot of it in Insomniac's presentation at Gamescom, but now we have a date to count down to. 2011 is going to be BIG for PS3 fans.

Alex Mercer's Back...And You're Going To Destroy Him

Ah....now the Murder Your Maker campaign makes perfect sense.  Yup...everyone's moodiest, superpowered cardboard cut-out is back, only this time you get to beat the hell out of him....in 2012.

Del Toro Wants Insane To Make You 'Shit Your Pants'

The acclaimed movie director has teamed up with Volition to create a horror game that will (hopefully?) make us evacuate our bowels. Considering that few horror games these days actually ever move past the most basic of shlock tactics, we're intrigued. unfortunately, we're almost certainly going to have to defer our gratification until 2013. Ah well, maybe this trailer will help tide us over.

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