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VIDEO | Hohokum is a colourful, artsy, interactive cartoon that might make your heart soar

Matt Gardner
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...or leave you feeling bored, confused, and shrugging

Hohokum is another one of those arty games that's going to polarise people. Some will hold it up as an example of unconventional interactive entertainment and proof that games can and are art. Others will passionately argue that it isn't even a game. There will be those that miss the point completely, some for whom this really isn't their thing. Equally, there will be others that pronounce Hohokum to be one of the best things to be seen all year.

I like the way it encourages a genuine spirit of "play" in a manner that's rather unique.

It's a combination of beautiful, striking art from Richard Hogg, various aural dreamscapes that soothe and relax, and fluid mechanics that aren't explained outright, instead encouraging you to discover little cartoonish vignettes through direct interaction as well as poring over the scenery with your eyes.

It's quite possibly the bubble bath of gaming.

The review's on its way.

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Yukes  Aug. 19, 2014 at 17:45

Hohokum - the result of Father Christmas getting frisky.


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