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VIDEO | Rewriting History with the Dragon Age Keep

Matt Gardner
BioWare, Dragon Age Keep, Dragon Age: Inquisition

VIDEO | Rewriting History with the Dragon Age Keep

My body is ready for Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve been one of the loudest detractors of Dragon Age II in recent years, but I loved Origins and the world that BioWare created has proven to be enormously compelling. Frankly, after the expansive nature of Origins, it was precisely the fact that DA2 kept me locked behind the four walls of Kirkwall or in cookie-cutter dungeons that I began to dislike that game so much.

But Dragon Age Keep has, in many ways, reminded me of all the goodness of Dragon Age II. For all of its many faults, it gave you the reins to shape the society and standing of Kirkwall over a long period of time, and that was relatively fascinating to behold.

VIDEO | Rewriting History with the Dragon Age Keep

For the Dragon Age veteran, the Keep is a refresher steeped in hard choices and difficult decisions. Unfortunately, the open beta doesn’t allow for save game imports, but it does encourage veterans and newcomers alike to explore the narrative branches of Origins and its sequel (and all of the DLC for that matter, whether you bought and played the additional content or not). There are over 300 decisions to make, in order to shape the world of the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I made a little video illustrating exactly what Dragon Age Keep is all about.

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