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VIDEO | Sunset Overdrive Gameplay vs Jet Set Radio - Remix

Matt Gardner
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VIDEO | Sunset Overdrive Gameplay vs Jet Set Radio - Remix

Sunset Overdrive is shaping up to be a blast of chaotic, sandbox fun, filled with madcap mayhem, crazy weapons, and cartoon violence. In short, it's looking like the game that you'd expect an unfettered, unleashed Insomniac to make.

And that's awesome news.

Sadly, however, we weren't able to capture footage directly at a recent showcase event, but I did jump into a half-finished demo with the camera rolling on the screen to snap up a little bit of off-screen gameplay footage. I wasn't able to capture the in-game audio as it was being pumped through headphones, so instead I've spliced it together with some tracks from Jet Set Radio.

Given that the game resembles the lovechild of a bizarre threeway between Crackdown, JSRF, and a packet of Skittles, it seemed fitting.

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