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VIDEO | Watch Jon's first space dogfight in GoD Factory: Wingmen!

Jonathan Lester
Arcade space sim, Gameplay footage, GoD Factory: Wingmen, Nine Dots Studio, PC games

VIDEO | Watch Jon's first space dogfight in GoD Factory: Wingmen!

GoD Factory Wingmen is the dictionary definition of an underdog success story. This ambitious, gorgeous and thoroughly intense multiplayer arcade space sim missed its Kickstarter target, but was picked up by Namco Bandai and finally released last Friday.

Spoiler alert: it's awesome. Hectic action goes hand-in-hand with addictive progression and comprehensive ship customisation.

I'm currently working on our full review, but to tide you over, here's the full unedited video of my first space skirmish. Four pilots per team, two carriers, one highway through the danger zone!

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Tsung  Sep. 1, 2014 at 13:07

Mmmm, interesting, are the lobby's sorted? , I mean the first go I had at this game during the beta and I got dumped into a lobby with several "experienced" players. I was out of my depth and was made to feel like it too. I think I just uninstalled it and never looked back.

How much is it like Tachyon? I remember that game having some serious space combat, and 64 players a side (i think it was 64).


JonLester  Sep. 1, 2014 at 13:12

@Tsung: The lobby's still reliant on manual hosting. It's possible to enter an unbalanced match, but just as easy to find a new player session or even host your own 'noobs only' sesh by kicking anyone over a certain pilot level. There's a handy %age team strength meter too, and most players tend to want to balance the teams accordingly.

However, some hosts also stupidly assign bots to the free slots and assume that other players can join. They can't!

Oh man, Tachyon. I remember coveting it but never got round to buying/playing it (had to make do with I-War etc. Man, I love I-War.). AFAIK GoD Factory is much more arcadey and MP-centric than Tachyon. Designed for quick 10-20 minute bouts followed by obsessive ship tweaking.

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