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Saw: The Videogame £17.93 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Saw: The Videogame £17.93 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Games]Whilst it’s easy to disregard Saw’s videogame adaptation as another shallow attempt to milk more money out of a commercial film franchise – like those God awful Blair Witch titles. Saw: The Videogame actually manages to reinterpret the edgy atmosphere of the movies with an ounce of credibility, and offers up some interesting gameplay moments. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that the game probably surpasses some of those later films with their tediously twisting plotlines. So if you’re into survival horrors, Saw is certainly worth a look, especially as it’s currently going for £17.93 from The Hut which is the cheapest deal available by well just under £6.

Like the films– the whole idea of which seemed to evolve from the Toe Cutter scene at the end of Mad MaxSaw: The Videogame sees the player navigating their way through a variety of deadly brain teasers. Assuming the role of detective Tapp, the player finds themselves trapped in an insane asylum by the psychopath Jigsaw who (almost like some omnipotent god) guides Tapp through the facility and its various horrific puzzle like contraptions.

The tension and suspense is competently heightened by the developers throughout the game, whilst the blend of various puzzles, all of which vary in difficulty, keep the things consistently engaging. About the only let down according to the reviewers is regarding the combat. Given that this is an insane asylum, Jigsaw has convinced the inmates that the key to their salvation can literally be found within Tapp’s body and therefore the player finds themselves having to frequently fight off these fanatics. However, the combat side of things is unfortunately a bit sluggish and certainly not only of the game’s strong points. However, Saw: The Videogame does successfully manage to scare, and although it’s not quite a survival horror masterpiece, it's certainly a worthy addition to the genre.

Thanks to TDALAKIS from Hotukdeals.

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