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From New Viewtiful Joe To The Future Of GTA: News Roundup December 8th

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Dead Space

Today's news roundup sees Platinum Games founder Hidieki Kamiya show some interest in a possible Viewtiful Joe sequel, while EA officially announce Dead Space 2 and AmTech analyst Ben Schachter casts some doubts over the future of GTA.

Platinum Games Founder Announces Would Like to do Viewtiful Joe Sequel, But Not Okami

From New Viewtiful Joe To The Future Of GTA: News Roundup December 8th

Hidieki Kamiya, founder of Platinum Games, has an excellent track record, comprised of gaming delights such as Devil May Cry, Okami, Viewtiful Joe and more recently Bayonetta. Now though, the fates of these games rest more in the hands of Capcom than his. Sequels to Devil May Cry and Okami have already been developed, and although Kamiya states he would love to do the sequels, there's now no point.

He claims an Okami sequel has been a desire of his for a while, but states “I heard the announcement that someone else would be making a sequel and now I'm just not interested in it anymore.” Kamiya claims “Once someone else touches a world that you yourself created it stops being yours. There is no point in making a sequel when the world doesn't belong to you.” He hints at the possibility of a new Viewtiful Joe, believing it to be all he has left. Although he does point out it's probably the most difficult one to do, and probably the least wanted. [GameInformer]

Dead Space 2 Officially Announced

From New Viewtiful Joe To The Future Of GTA: News Roundup December 8th

With the year nearly through, its time to look at what next year can offer us. EA has just officially announced Dead Space 2, sequel to last year's survival horror, along with a few tidbits of info. Issac Clarke will of course be returning, along with a host of new characters and tools, although none of them are detailed as of yet. The sequel will be arriving on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC.

Executive producer Steve Papoutsis announces “ We're thrilled to jump back into the series, making the next chapter in Isaac's journey.” He teases exciting plot twists as the infection continues to spread through space, with Issac Clarke the only person able to contain it. The press release oddly doesn't provide a release date or even release window, but as we approach the new year, you'll likely hear something soon. [1UP]

Analyst Raises Questions About Strength of GTA Franchise

From New Viewtiful Joe To The Future Of GTA: News Roundup December 8th

Grand Theft Auto 4 may have blown everyone away in 2008, but for Take Two, 2009 has been somewhat of a disappointing year. Broadpoint AmTech analyst Ben Schachter considers this, pointing out the lower-than-expected sales of GTA: Chinatown Wars and the Episodes from Liberty City DLC. He believes the fact they did not live up to expectations allows us to “ very clearly understand that these do not represent 'true' new GTA titles. However, the fact is that these were compelling titles, attractively priced, and reasonably well-promoted, yet they fell relatively flat.”

He claims this raises questions about the strength of Take Two's Crown Jewel, revealing the bombshell to be that 2010 will be unprofitable or them. Although, with GTA being one of the best-selling and biggest franchises of all time, don't lose too much sleep over this news. [IndustryGamers]

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