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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown For Xbox LIVE, PSN

Felix Kemp
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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown For Xbox LIVE, PSN

Virtua Fighter fans, prepare to rejoice; as Sega has today announced Final Showdown, an upcoming expansion pack to 2007's fighter, overhauling all the mechanics, updating the animations, including new modes and online features, not to mention two brand new characters to master. It'll be available on Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network in the Summer of 2012, with Sega dubbing it the "definitive version of Virtua Fighter 5".

With Final Showdown, Sega is completely overhauling the previous Virtua Fighter 5 experience, with "revised mechanics, balance, timing and more, along with simplified controls for new players while retaining the depth that veterans demand". Each arena will offer a different challenge, too, with Sega upping the destruction and including dynamic features such as walls and fences that generated randomly for each round, ensuring each match is unique. Players can also perform wall-based moves or special-attacks that can smash through fortifications.

Furthermore, Sega has updated VF 5's online mechanics, with leaderboards tracking your progress in all new one-on-one modes, which Sega claim are "extremely responsive" with " little latency", or simply take on waves of enemies in a single-player mode with sounds a lot like a Virtua Fighter take on Horde.

Final Showdown features 19 character to choose from, 17 from the original game such as Taka-Arashi and all new characters like Jean Kujo, and they can all be heavily customized with detailed costume options and character items. All in all, a very strong sounding package from Sega, but it'll be a little while yet until we get hands-on with it, with a Summer 2012 release on the cards.

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