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Visceral: "Splitscreen Co-op Multiplayer Is A No-Brainer"

Matt Gardner
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Visceral: "Splitscreen Co-op Multiplayer Is A No-Brainer"

Thinking of making a co-operative shooter? Well, if you are, "it had better have splitscreen", according to Visceral Games, who've taken over development for Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.

We sat down with Lead Designer Julien Lamoureaux for a brief chat at a recent press event to chat about the upcoming third-person shooter, and he told us flat out that for co-op games like Army of Two, "splitscreen is a no brainer".

"Oh, it's hugely important," Lamoureaux said when we asked him how crucial local multiplayer was for a game like Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. "It's a real shame that so many games are giving up on splitscreen multiplayer. You get an experience that's just not possible over an online connection, particularly when it comes to co-op games, where you have one another's backs.

"Of course, more and more people are in sync, they'll buy the game and play with a friend online. But I'm sure that there are loads of people out there maybe with only one console in house. What if you don't have multiple Xboxes, or a huge LAN setup, or reliable internet? And that whole experience of wanting to play with a brother or sister, or having a friend over to play some games, those local social elements are still hugely important. For us, splitscreen is a no-brainer. If you're going to deliver a co-op game, it had better have splitscreen."

We're rather inclined to agree. For a game that's all about sharing the experience with a chum, why wouldn't you give players as many ways to do that as possible?

But what about you, dear reader? Do you lament the lack of splitscreen multiplayer in a number of this generation's games? Give us your thoughts in the  box below.

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