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Sorry Vita, BioShock is coming to iPhone

Jonathan Lester
2K China, Bioshock, iOS games, Irrational Games

Sorry Vita, BioShock is coming to iPhone

We're not getting that BioShock Vita game Ken Levine promised us back in 2011, but there's still some mobile Rapture to look forward to.

On iOS of all places.

2K China are handling a no-nonsense port of the original BioShock, which is slated for an imminent release on iOS (compatible with iPad 4, iPad Mini 2,  iPad Air, iPhone 5, 5S and 5C). It apparently works well in its new home, thanks in part to Havok physics and animations' innate scalability, as well as some helpful context-sensitive buttons. Naturally we can expect a serious visual downgrade, though.

Before you ask, BioShock iOS will not contain IAPs or offer any DLC, priced as a 'premium' single download. And no, we don't know about any potential Android version, though presumably one will trickle out several months down the line after iOS sales have all but dried up.

Eurogamer and Gamespot have both tested the port, the former remaining relatively upbeat about the project while the latter blast it as practically unplayable without a Bluetooth controller.

In which case, BioShock could work well on a dedicated handheld device with two integrated analogue sticks as well as a touchscreen. Right? Shame there isn't one of those around. If you need me, I'll be regenerating in my Vita-Chamber.

Gosh, an entire BioShock article without a 'would you kindly' gag. Do feel free to make one in the comments.

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