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Own a Vita? Tearway is £6.99, so no excuses

Brendan Griffiths
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Own a Vita? Tearway is £6.99, so no excuses

£6.99 is the cheapest I've ever seen for Tearaway, one of the Vita's finest games and a fine example of what the Vita is capable of on it's better days. PS Plus members can get it even cheaper at £6.29.

As you can tell by Jon's review, the game handled the weighty expectations with aplomb rather than be crushed by them. Here at Dealspwn, we love its stylish design and unique uses of the Vita's touch controls, be it tapping the rear pad to bounce on trampolines, the camera putting our face in the game, swiping the touchscreen to open presents or blowing on the microphone to create a gust of wind. Don't worry, it's the other people on the bus that are weird, not you. Here's our Tearaway review.

Thanks to magicmike87

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