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Vlambeer: "Non-Evil Freemium Is Almost Impossible"

Matt Gardner
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Vlambeer: "Non-Evil Freemium Is Almost Impossible"

The devs behind Serious Sam: The Random Encounter and the recently released Ridiculous Fishing have suggested that "non-evil" freemium games are "alost impossible" to deliver.

So they'll just stick to charging consumers a fair price and not "sacrificing the elegance" of any games they might make.

"We do believe that developers shouldn't be scared to charge $3 for a game," the studio stated during a Reddit AMA. "The problem is that at $0.99, you'll need to sell endless amounts of copies to be able to survive as an indie developer. Most games don't even get close to that.

"A direct result of the whole race-to-the-bottom in prices is the prevalence of free-to-play on iOS - it seems to be a safer bet. But since its almost impossible to do free-to-play in a non-evil way and without sacrificing the elegance of your game design, we'll prefer to charge $3."

On the one hand, games such as PlanetSide 2 and World of Tanks have shown that freemium titles can work very well indeed. On the other, everyone knows where they stand with a straightforward one-time transaction.

And Ridiculous Fishing is awesome.

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