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Volition: November Release Schedule 'Basically The Same' For The Last Three Years

Matt Gardner
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Volition: November Release Schedule 'Basically The Same' For The Last Three Years

It's almost time to welcome the utter insanity of Volition's sandbox extravaganza Saints Row: The Third into our lives, and lead designer Scott Phillips reckons that his game has something new and fresh to offer to a November release schedule that he sees as having been the same year-on-year in recent times.

'I think -- looking at everybody else that’s out in November, obviously there’s a lot of huge games -- but I think everyone can also see that a lot of those games are basically the same as they were last year, and the year before and the year before. And I think that we are something that’s brand new; totally different.'

Phillips reinforced that this third instalment in the series has moved on a great deal from Saints Row 2 three years ago, noting the comparisons made at the time by the media and public to GTA IV and suggesting that the the over-the-top shenanigans that distinguish Volition's game from Rockstar's has been taken to the absolute max in this third title.

'I think Saints Row 2, if you look historically, we had... nobody had any clue to what GTA 4 was doing at the time,' continued Phillips. 'So we built Saints Row 2 with our whole goal being over-the-top and when that finally hit, it took a while for people to start realising “Oh, ok, they did start doing something very different”. So now we started off from that place on Saints Row The Third and pushed even further into “This is where we fit; this is where people are enjoying out game. We need to take that and expand that everywhere”. Just push and make the whole game cohesive in that over-the-top fashion. So we start out with our own ideas and our own direction and then we tweak based on “we don’t want to have this same mission that we saw in Call of Duty” or whatever. We don’t want to just have everything else that people have seen before, we want to direct ourselves in a new direction.'

It is that new direction that Phillips hopes will help Saints Row: The Third stand out amongst a crowded November release calendar. 'We’re very different than what we were before three years ago with Saints Row 2 and I think we’ve taken everything we did in Saints Row 2 that people loved and built hugely on top of that and we’re really going to deliver an experience that no one has ever seen before. This sort of guilty-pleasure gaming where it’s all about fun and enjoyment and you’re just having a blast playing the game.

'We’re not trying to teach you a lesson or make you cry, we want you to just laugh and have a blast the whole time.'

Saints Row: The Third is out on November 18th on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out Brendan's recent preview here. [Ausgamers]

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