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Volition: Saints Row IV Will "Fill In Some Of The Gaps" Of Saints Row 3, Has A Stronger Storyline

Jonathan Lester
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Volition: Saints Row IV Will "Fill In Some Of The Gaps" Of Saints Row 3, Has A Stronger Storyline

"We're Trying To Do Right By Our Previous Games"

Keenly aware that some players felt that Saints Row: The Third suffered from the lack of a strong overarching storyline, Volition assure us that Saints Row IV will improve on its predecessor - even going so far as to fill in some of the plot holes. Fans of Johnny Gat will also be in for a treat, apparently.

I recently asked Saints Row associate producer Kate Nelson whether Saints Row IV would be tied together by a strong storyline in amongst all the fun-filled sillyness. "Yes, she replied, "I think we had some opportunities in Saints Row IV to help fill in some of the gaps of The Third. In addition to filling out the story, we have some throwbacks to previous games in the series. So I think, in general, players are going to be very happy – especially fans of the franchise – with the content that is yet to come. It's really exciting!"

Many series fans were also disappointed with Johnny Gat's character arc (if you can call it that) in Saints Row: The Third. Now that he's set to return in the sequel, Volition are keen to give the fans what they want.

"We can't say how, but we are excited to say, “he's back,” and I don't think people will be disappointed," Nelson continued. "We were listening to our fans and this is one area where people would not have it! They were very upset with what we did with Gat in Saints Row: The Third."

"We're trying to do right by our previous games."

Stay tuned for our full interview with Kate Nelson very soon.

Saints Row IV launches on August 20th in the US and August 23rd everywhere else for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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