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Volition: Saints Row: The Third 'Pushing The Boundaries' With Sex Appeal

Matt Gardner
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Saints Row: The Third

Volition: Saints Row: The Third 'Pushing The Boundaries' With Sex Appeal

Volition's Drew Holmes, faced with questions from OPM UK about whether the developers are fearful of any kind of mainstream media backlash once Saints Row: The Third drops, has responded saying that while the game certainly pushes boundaries in term sof its more sexualised content, the 'irreverent' sense of humour that saturates the game means that it never really crosses the line.

Holmes suggested that Volition 'certainly push the boundaries - particularly with stuff like the "sex appeal" slider', but that they were aware that there was a limit to such things and decided that not taking things too seriously was the way forward.

'You never want to cross the line into crudely offensive,' he said, 'it's a thin line to walk, but you know when you've crossed it - and as long as it stays irreverent and tongue-in-cheek, then we can push it a lot further than if we were trying to play it serious.'

He continued saying that they weren't 'even trying to be serious' and that Saints Row 3 is clearly a 'cartoonish, outlandish game', something that Holmes feels might well help to take 'some of the bullets out of the media gun'.

It's an interesting perspective certainly, but then again the perception of gaming in the mainstream media is that it is ill equipped to deal with anything particularly seriously, particularly when there are guns involved. Just ask the guys behind Medal of Honor or Six Days In Fallujah. [CVG]

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