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Wanted: Weapons Of Fate + Wanted DVD £17.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Game]

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Wanted: Weapons Of Fate + Wanted DVD £17.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Game]

Amazon is offering Wanted: Weapons of Fate on the Xbox 360 bundled with the Wanted film on DVD, for only £17.99! If you consider the cheapest offer for the game is £14.99, and the film £4.98, it’s a two-pound reduction and a game and film to enjoy!

Both the game and the film of Wanted fared similarly in the ratings, with decidedly mixed results. Some critics praised the kinetic action and gory detail, whereas others disliked the derivative story and amoral spirit, earning the game a 62/100 and the film a 64/100 on MetaCritic.

The film sees Wesley Gibson, a meek, depressed pencil-pusher, become an expert assassin, uncovering his fabled lineage and eventually overthrowing the corrupt Fraternity who trained him. Weapons of Fate follows Wesley in his death-soaked journey, channelling the film’s action-fuelled bombast.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a traditional third-person shooter, replete with ubiquitous cover-system, ala Gears of War. Wesley must zigzag from cover to cover, spraying bullets like a fireman dousing a raging inferno. Wesley can perform brutal takedowns, as well as the film’s trademark ‘curve the bullet’, where Wesley manipulates the bullet’s trajectory around objects and into enemy’s craniums!

Ultimately, the derivative nature of the gameplay and lack of any variety condemn Wanted: Weapons of Fate to the crowded graveyard of rotten film adaptations. It manages to retain the film’s spirit, but a game needs more than shooting an set-piece after set-piece to invigorate players, regardless of how awesome a gravity-defying climb through an upended, descending plane is!

Thanks to Adam2050 on Hotukdeals.

Wanted: Weapons Of Fate + Wanted DVD £17.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Game]

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