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Warhammer 40K MMO Gets $50 Million Budget

Jonathan Lester
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Release Projected For For 2013

Warhammer 40K MMO Gets  Million Budget

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium, the MMO set in Games Workshop's dark future universe, was announced back in 2007 and trailered as recently as last year's E3. However, new details have slipped out regarding its budget and release date that place the project out of reach for at least a couple of years. Here's what we know.

During a speech at the Wedbush Morgan conference yesterday, THQ's Chief Financial Officer revealed a few interesting details, suggesting that Dark Millenium's budget would be in the region of $50 Million. This is a high - if not unreasonable - figure for most next-gen projects, though much of this sum will need to be spent constantly working on the netcode and balance issues. Plus, it'll need to compete with WoW as well as possibly Project Titan, Blizzard's next MMO.

The production budget is high-end of a core game. Somewhere in the area of $50 million or so to get these games to market, certainly in that range for Dark Millennium. What you want is a game like this to be successful and the development budget gets higher. - THQ CFO Paul Pucino

However, much of this money will unfortunately need to be blown on continually upgrading the graphics and engine. Despite being in development for four years already, Pucino has confirmed a tentative 2013 launch window for Dark Millennium. Might be worth cancelling those preorders for now, guys.

Considering the budget, Dark Millennium will need to shift over 2 million copies just to break even. THQ is convinced that it will "continue to generate over a long period of time" and produce "a significant amount of cash," but therey'll face stiff competition. We'll keep you posted as we hear more details about the project. [Gamerzines]

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ODB  Mar. 11, 2011 at 14:18

Dont know much about this but I assume they are trying to make the game into a video game? Could be a cool idea...different bands of Space Marines etc fighting whatever

My mate's really into this whole thing and WoW so will tell him about this. Personally I couldnt be arsed with either, havent got the patience. He tried to explain the board game once but when he pulled out a ruler and protractor I thought 'fuck this'. Give me a FPS or a C&C style RTS anyday!

Matthew  Mar. 11, 2011 at 14:22

I am hoping against hope that we get something a little more than the usual with this one. I have no intention of playing another LotRO/WoW-clone, even as much as I adore the 40K setting.

zim  Mar. 11, 2011 at 17:16

the only problem i can see for them is by the time this comes out the whole mmo landscape could have changed
if guild wars 2 is as good as it looks and no subs it will be a hard sell for all other mmo's
it will be even harder keeping subs up if the game isnt absoloutly brilliant
i think everyone is looking for a new mmo but we are all sick of wow clones the only way i could see a 40k mmo working is fps style with 6 or more sides
all fighting for a single planet or system
this would be a hugly different game and myself it would be a day one purchase

but if they do two sides(yep i know they have said this) push a button to do a action its getting to look more and more like a wow clone in space
and if it like this ill let everyone else buy it and review it for me
and ill see what happens
no doubt they will botch it up and we will end up with another wow clone
and they will be wondering why there 1 million subs are only 200k in one month

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