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WARNING: Xbox LIVE Matchmaking Service Alert

Matt Gardner
Microsoft, News, Xbox 360, Xbox Live

WARNING: Xbox LIVE Matchmaking Service Alert

With the PSN currently in a bit of state, Xbox LIVE appears to be skipping along as per ususal with most aspects of the network healthy. However, a red warning sign has flashed up on the Xbox support site next to Matchmaking, with Microsoft warning of 'potential phishing attempts' on Modern Warfare 2. The report reads as follows;

Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

Users may receive potential phishing attempts via title specific messaging while playing Modern Warfare 2.

We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

Still, there's always Reach or BBC2 or Mortal Kombat. Hopefully it's not the flap of the butterflies wings before the tornado hits and is probably just Microsoft being very cautious, but do remain vigilant just in case. [Microsoft]

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bobbin threadbare  Apr. 27, 2011 at 13:01

Phishing... for COD! Bwaaahahahaha *dies*

Jonathan Lester  Apr. 27, 2011 at 13:40

*Dies laughing* Someone had to say it!

The Gamer  Apr. 27, 2011 at 22:05

It reminds me of that Bob Marley song, "COD You Be Loved?".

REEZY  May. 3, 2011 at 19:15

is this why i cant register an xbox live gold account today?


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