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Wasteland 2 tactical combat improvements detailed

Matt Gardner
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Wasteland 2 tactical combat improvements detailed

Those of you who've had a gander at my Wasteland 2 Early Access preview will have noted that the message for most of the way through  was early days.

Though parts of the old-school RPG are certainly nicely in place, it's clear that there's still a fair way to go for the game, and inXile's Brian Fargo has acknowledged this in a new blog post, reminding backers and interested parties that the game is still unfinished and detail the planned enhancements for the game's currently undercooked combat system.

"We’re working on significant improvements to combat,” wrote Fargo on the game's Kickstarter page. “Destructible cover was part of this last update as a first pass with more fine-tuning to come; we will likely add a crouching stance with a variety of tactical applications; we’re going over a lot of the encounter design to more carefully detail tactics-changing factors like ladders or destructible cover; and we’re in the first testing stages to explore adding a special attack system that’ll allow you to invest AP to make specific kinds of attacks based on your weapon types and the skill levels you’ve achieved in those weapons…things like spread shots or steady shots.

“Keep in mind the combat you see in the beta is only the earliest levels in the game, where enemies are more straightforward and do not have the wide variety of special moves, AoE attacks and more advanced AI of later-game enemies. The enemy AI is quite varied as you get into the later stages, once you’ve sufficiently learned the base controls and rules of the experience.”

Fargo also talked about reactivity, and how player criticism is being used to further expand the game, making missions more complex as well as "improving the messaging of the game’s interface and systems significantly; doing several balance passes on everything in the world from economy to combat to the whole character system; overhauling the minimap; fixing font issues; working on the field stripping and weapon modding functionalities; tweaking shotguns so they properly provide spread shots rather than work just as rifles; improving the barter, inventory and character system UIs; fixing pathing; improving the balance and functionality of energy weapons; adding additional satisfying death animations; implementing outfit functionality; adding touches and small scenes to make towns and the world feel more alive.”

We'll be keeping an eye on Wasteland 2 as it develops and new patches emerge over the coming weeks and expect to see a little article on the delights and dangers of Early Access in th enear future.

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