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Watch Dogs: Creative Director Jonathan Morin Explains The Absence of Scripted Multiple Endings

Matt Gardner
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Watch Dogs: Creative Director Jonathan Morin Explains The Absence of Scripted Multiple Endings

Given the open nature of Watch Dogs, its red-and-blue Reputation system, and an in-game media network that feeds into the world's systems, it might seem the perfect subject for multiple possible endings based on the player's actions as Aiden.

But creative director Jonathan Morin explained in a recent interview with Dealspwn that it's precisely because the game is so open that the developers didn't want to enforce their own branching narrative structure.

"One of the things we didn't want to do is get into a Y-shape structure with the story," Morin told me at EGX 2013 a couple of weeks back. "One of the things I personally believe in is that the story is a little like a painting. It's a finished piece of work, it's not going to fluctuate from start to end, but it's been built in a way so that's it's a bit open to interpretation.

"For the players, when they play the game, the rest of it is so open and expansive to play that what I hope will happens is that the players who are more interested in that kind of stuff can look at the ending and have a different reflection based on how their experience was, instead of limiting their endings to three or four, which to me would kind of reduce the spectrum of the player to a few bullet points. To me, that seems overly simplistic."

Do you agree with Morin in terms of the principal. To be honest, given that we haven't played through Watch Dogs yet, it's a little hard to say. I suspect it's whatever works best for the game in question. Whatever the right answer is, though, it's definitely not the last chunk of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, that's for sure.

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