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Watch Dogs: You Can Hack A City, But You Can't Fly A Plane

Matt Gardner
Flying, Ubisoft, Wannabe Biggles, Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs: You Can Hack A City, But You Can't Fly A Plane

Ubisoft have confirmed that unlike other open-world games such as GTA and Saints Row, players will not be able to take to the skies in Watch Dogs.  Despite apparently being able to hack everything in sight and beat up goons with krav maga, it seems that Aiden sucks as a pilot.

Well, he had to be bad at something!

"Players will not fly aircrafts in Watch Dogs," senior producer Dominic Guay told Examiner. "We did not feel it was core to the experience we wanted to create."

However, players will apparently be able to explore areas beyond Chicago's city limits...

"Players will be able to drive any wheeled vehicles, from trucks to motorcycles, or boats. This will allow them to explore the city proper, the rivers, the lake and even beyond the limits of Chicago," Guay said.

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socialjeebus  Aug. 14, 2013 at 05:10

Meh...no big loss - I'm looking forward to causing chaos by stopping trains and changing the traffic lights!


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