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Watch Six Minutes Of Watch Dogs Gameplay Footage

Matt Gardner
Watch Dogs

Watch Six Minutes Of Watch Dogs Gameplay Footage

Jon had a good, long look at Ubisoft's ambitious new open world title (catch up with the latest preview and interviews here), and now you've got a chance to check the game out in action.

And it looks rather GTA IV-esque to be honest, though obviously with more gadget-fiddling.

There's a lot of HUD to be found here, but given the hacking, information-war nature of the game, that's to be expected. The vid shows off data and camera hacking, character profiling, stealthy combat, and a hasty getaway. It looks very interesting indeed, apart from one aspect: the driving.

Sleeping Dogs spoiled us rotten there.

Watch Dogs is out in November for current and next-gen platforms, and the demo is running on a high-end PC specced out like next-gen consoles.


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