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We Dare Revealed; Like WarioWare, Only With Spanking

Jonathan Lester
Games news, Spanking, Ubisoft, We Dare, WTF?

Ubisoft have released arguably the most bizarre trailer of all time... to reveal what could possibly be the worst thought-out title of all time. Ladies and gentlemen: We Dare. There's always been a niche for sexy double date-related Wii titles, so we're glad that someone's finally delivered.

No, wait. The other thing. What's the point of this exactly?

The experience essentially resembles a WarioWare game, except that the once-innocent gestures have been replaced with some highly dubious activities. If the trailer is anything to go by, we'll be in for some same-sex kissing and spanking that ultimately leads to getting down and dirty right there in our living room. At least those... wipe-clean rubberised WiiMote holders will... actually, hold that thought. Here's some press blurb for your avid perusal.

We Dare is a sexy, quirky, party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenge.

We Dare is set for release this year on Wii and PS3. We'll be drawing straws to see who has to review this one... and I hope to God that we won't have to pair off.

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