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Weekend Deal: Mount & Blade for £3.99 @ Steam [PC Gaming]

Jonathan Lester
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Weekend Deal: Mount & Blade for £3.99 @ Steam [PC Gaming]

Steam have extended their Total War Week to last until Monday, but that hasn't stopped them from reducing the price of Mount & Blade to £3.99 this weekend. This is effectively 85% of the RRP, and a saving of £2.00 compared to Amazon. Also, you won't have to wait for postage!

Are you looking for a truly non-linear RPG? If so, you should probably ask yourself why- but in the meantime, Mount & Blade comes pretty close to providing a fully open-ended roleplaying experience that doesn't scrimp on the action. A huge medieval adventure awaits, with only the barest of storylines stringing it together. You're pretty much free to carve your own destiny and explore the expansive game world at your own pace.

As the name suggests, Mount & Blade is one of the few games with horseback combat that actually works. Riding into battle is exhilarating and a genuinely enjoyable, which is a very rare and beautiful thing. The rest of the game is classic RPG: kill some enemies, upgrade your skills, get more loot, kill some tougher enemies. Being able to evolve your character without any restrictive objectives is a refreshing take on the familiar roleplaying formula.

All of this non-linearity comes at a hefty price. Firstly, the lack of a story and overarching plot doesn't give you any motivation to play the game beyond simply playing it. The short quests and samey objectives can become stale after a while, and it can become a second job after the novelty wares off. Anyone who's played Animal Crossing will know the feeling! The other major problem is very common with sizeable RPGs: the bigger the game, the larger the opportunity for bugs and glitches. Mount and Blade is no exception, with frequent graphical issues and minor scripting problems. Plus, its graphics are fairly primitive to begin with.

In my opinion, substance is much more important and style when it comes to RPGs. Mount & Blade offers countless hours of classic adventuring action: purists should take advantage of this deal while it lasts!

Thanks to Cuddy at Hot UK Deals

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