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Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

Brendan Griffiths
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Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

The release schedules are fattening up nicely now and we have a great selection of titles hitting the stores this week. Like hiding in lockers? Well the horror fan in you might find something Alien-related to enjoy, while the perv in you is also catered for via the latest browser-troubling release from Japan. PS4 racing fans rejoice as a certain much delayed racer is finally on the starting grid and XO owners, get those creative juices flowing for your answer to LBP. Failing that you’ll have to settle for some basketball or running around Hong Kong with a meat cleaver and handcuffs.

October 7th

Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

Alien: Isolation (PS3, PS4, 360, XO, PC)

Creative Assembly’s title ditches the pulse rifles for a survival horror experience which seems so well suited to the Alien universe we don’t know why it’s taken someone this long to try it. Early reviews are largely positive and we’ll have our own soon. Be sure to check out our past coverage below.

Best Price: Simply Games: £32.85 (PS4/XO)

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October 10th

Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

DriveClub (PS4)

Just a little late this one, but at least PS+ members will get a sizable chunk of the game for free next week. Evolution’s racer is caught between two minds of sim and arcade handling and takes place on fictionalised road tracks. It’s absolutely gorgeous too. To be honest, we’ve had multiple plays at early builds of the game and still can’t decide if it’s any good. One thing’s for sure, Project Cars is the one to beat this year. Our advice: put some time in with the PS Plus Edition before parting with any cash for the full version.

Best Price: Game Collection £46.45 (that’s not a typo unfortunately)

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Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

Project Spark (XO)

Microsoft’s answer to LittleBigPlanet has been a little quiet of late, but we’re expecting the user-generated content to be the main source of marketing for this one once it gets rolling. The series isn’t limited to LBP’s cuddly cotton and cut-outs aesthetics so we can’t wait to see what creative players come up with as the barriers between genres take another beating.

Best Price: Amazon: £27.85.

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Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

NBA 2K15 (PS3, PS4, 360, XO, PC)

2K’s NBA series has been so good in recent years that EA has frequently had to take a break with their flagging franchise. As with any sporting franchise though, improvements are minimal each year, with only a desire for up to date rosters and the latest vests really being enough to pull us in. Not that the damn career mode won’t steal months of our lives again.

Best Price:  Game Collection: £42.95 (PS4/XO). Amazon £29.99 (PC)

Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

Skylanders: Trap Team (all console formats)

Seeing as Disney Infinity turned out to be a bit bum, Skylanders might be the series to go for again this year if your little monsters already have a few of the figures cluttering up the house. This year’s iteration sees players rounding up escaped convicts and turning them into good guys to fight for them. And they said Breakout Kings couldn’t be turned into a game...

Best Price: Starter Pack at Amazon £52 (PS4/XO)

Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4, XO, PC)

Square Enix are at it again, re-releasing not so very old games on the new-gen machines. But it turned out that the re-release of Tomb Raider really was the definitive edition as it absolutely purred on the PS4 and XO. Will Sleeping Dogs fare as well though? Wei-Shen’s undercover exploits in Hong Kong was an absolute blast first time around and ensured the new IP was a genuine contender in a genre dominated by GTA and Saints Row. The graphical upgrade isn’t as noticeable this time, but at least there’s the bundled DLC to look forwards to, which includes the expansion packs. With the original version going for about £10 though, we might wait for a price drop.

Best Price: Game Collection: £34.95 (PS4/XO)

Next Week’s Releases – Xenos, hoops and shiny cars

Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed (PS3, Vita)

Every week, Japan! Every week I research your nation’s latest release and every week I have to scrub my browser history with digital steel wool! This week we have a RPG brawler based in Tokyo. Oh, and you rip clothes off opponents that include maids and female students.

Best Price: I’ve just cleaned my browser. So, you’re on your own for this one folks.

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