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West And Zampella Look To Completely Sever Activision Ties

Felix Kemp
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West And Zampella Look To Completely Sever Activision Ties

The ongoing legal feud between former Infinity Ward heads', Jason West and Vince Zampella, and their former employers, Activision, continues to develop, as the pair seek to void their original contract with the publishing giant. Citing production of Modern Warfare proceeding without their consent, if West and Zampella were to win the case, it would force Activision to share custody of the franchise with the now EA-bound duo.

West and Zampella filed the complaint last week, alleging Activision went ahead with development of "Modern Warfare and Call of Duty games and related products" without their approval. Breaking a seal of agreement forged by the two warring parties when they first joined forces during the Vivendi merger, Activision have breached the original contract, thus affording West and Zampella a legal foothold to gain some leverage in their bitter dispute.

According to the report, the pair were "skeptical" of the original contract, which claimed they had control of the Modern Warfare brand for as long as they remained at the company. Realizing such a turn of events as are occurring now would result in their expulsion from the series, West and Zampella turned to former employer, Bobby Kotick, for counsel. And apparently, Kotick assured them "it's impossible for you guys to get fired".

Oh how ironic fate can be. To be honest, I'm growing a little bored of all this. The constant lawsuits and counter-suits, combated with the legal machinations of the case, result in quite the headache. Not to mention it's distracting West and Zampella from their new upstart, Respawn Studios, who have a multi-game deal with EA to produce what many believe will be a Call of Duty contender, with the pair seeking to reclaim the crown they first won. [Gamespot]

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Matthew  Apr. 5, 2011 at 11:50

As a solicitor, I find that this combines my love of law with my love of gaming. I am excited. :)



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