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Western RPGS: Who is better? BioWare or Bethesda?

littlebigmiddleman |  Jul. 21, 2011 at 18:10

Three words seal it for me: Mass Effect 2!

Can't wait for the sequel. PS3 ftw!

Most Useful Answer alibaba4  Jul. 24, 2011 at 15:10

Bethesda. BioWare dont make RPGs anymore. They make linear cinematic adventure games, with a few RPG elements.

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alibaba4  Jul. 24, 2011 at 15:10

Bethesda. BioWare dont make RPGs anymore. They make linear cinematic adventure games, with a few RPG elements.

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condracky  Jul. 24, 2011 at 16:22

Bethesda for me too, Dragon Age 1 was so poor that i lost most of my old Bioware love.

MattGardner  Jul. 24, 2011 at 16:28

First of all...playing through Mass Effect 2 without playing through the first one is an exercise in stupidity. The comic just doesn't cut it. The story in the first one, the choices you make, the RPG mechanics (as in, there are actually RPG mechanics), all of these things are far better. Yeah the AI is rubbish and combat is a bit of a pain...but that's because it's actually an RPG. Which is a good thing. Plus the Mako is actually pretty cool...the level design could have been better, but Virmire more than makes up for it. Virmire is one of the finest videogame levels ever. No...really.

That said, I loved playing Mass Effect 2. But for wildly different reasons.

BioWare used to make astounding RPGs. They used to be the best in the business. But they don't any more. It's not an evolution of the genre at all, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age 2, were both steps back in terms of role playing games. The latter was rushed. The former, a thoroughly enjoyable action game, dumbed down for a wider audience.

Bethesda, by and large, have avoided that. Morrowind and Oblivion are astounding achievements. But instead of streamlining, instead of playing it safe, they took a cult hit and made it better. Fallout 3 might be riddled with bugs and pretty grim to look at, but the choice, the openness, the replayabilty in terms of gameplay styles is brilliant.

It's got to be Bethesda.

FelixKemp  Jul. 24, 2011 at 17:47

I think, like we all feared, the EA acquisition has taken its toll on Bioware. They're shipping games faster, and the emphasis is on popularity rather than quality. Contrary to popular belief, the two don't go hand in hand. Look at ME3, for example; shedding the RPG mechanics for a more shooter-oriented affair.

Bethesda, on the other hand, work from a tried and true formula which continues to reap dividends. With every game this generation they've come two, three steps forward. Oblivion was great, hampered by bugs but great nonetheless. Fallout 3 was even better, if a bit monochromatic. Skyrim looks like it's going to set the gaming world alight. Or, to be less dramatic, it'll be really, really fun and we will love it.

So, long story short; Bethesda. All the way

misterel1  Jul. 24, 2011 at 19:59

Sorry to echo the comments above, but its true. Bethesda's gamebryo-based games (OblIVion, Fallout 3) may be buggy in places but they are labours of love set in a very open world. They are true RPGs and have a lot of depth and customisation to them (Stil ploughing through Fallout 3 at the moment - its tough and bleak-looking but the choices you can make can give sometimes surprising results). ME and ME2 are good fun - ME has much more depth to it (although the identikit level design lets it down badly) - ME2 looks lovely and has a great cinemetic feel and flow to it, but little depth. I have played both DA:O and DA2 and even the supposedly more RPG-like Origins is a bit dumbed-down. KoTOR was a great RPG - but that was a long time ago. And so are BioWare's RPG credentials.

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JonLester  Jul. 25, 2011 at 09:52

Just to affirm the comments I made in another thread: Bethesda are the kings of the Western RPG. There's no question. Their games offer player choice at a gameplay level as well within as the storyline - not to mention enormous game worlds and unforgettable characters. As minstrel1 said, it's enough to let us actually forgive Gamebryo for its multitude of sins.

BioWare, on the other hand, still continue to make good games, but there's a case to be made that they're starting to cut more and more corners with each subsequent release. SWTOR will be an important turning point, mind.

ODB_69  Jul. 25, 2011 at 10:07

So to summarise:

Bioware no longer make proper RPG's
Mass Effect 2 NOT a proper RPG
Playing the 'comic' doesn't mean you've played Mass Effect 1
Shown yourself to be a fanboy

FAIL all the way then OP, well done

ShaunnyB  Jul. 25, 2011 at 12:22

Why is it that all the OPs on here appear to be clueless? RPG is what Bethesda do. Bioware once had their heads in RTS, bring in some nice hybrid play, but haven't been core RPG developers for a long time. WARNING: GEEK ANALOGY Bethesda are level 19 wizards of the RPG world, and Bioware are warrior mages, split 8/11... cool, but nowhere near as strong in their elements.


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