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Wet £6.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Wet £6.99 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

Wet is an acrobatic, action explosion that looks like it'd be right at home during a grindhouse movie matinee, and follows the story of Rubi Malone (voiced by Eliza Dushku) as she blasts, hacks, and utterly annihilates those that she's been hired to kill, until she's betrayed and decides to engage in a spot of good, old fashioned, blood soaked revenge.

If anybody saw Lydia's post at the end of last month, you'll know that you can pick up a copy on the Xbox for £6.99 from HMV. Amazon have now matched this price, which means that although you won't make a saving on HMV's offer, you will save almost £4 on the next best deal of £10.90 coming in from 365 Games, plus it'll give you a choice of vendor. GAME had the best deal at £4.99, but they've been OOS for some time.

The levels are filled with enemies that you need to dispatch and that's pretty much all you'll have to do. Rubi's main weapons are her oversized pistols and a shiny samurai sword, both of which'll be responsible for a huge pile of enemy carcasses by the time you're done. She also has a couple of moves to help her navigate around the environment, including jumping, sliding across the floor, and running across walls. Best of all if you're opening fire you'll move into slow motion, which is particularly useful for downing a group of assailants, before charging onto their newly spawned friends. Also, the slow motion targeting system allows you to auto target one victim, whilst you manually target and blast away another.

Although the graphics aren't as nice as they could have been, I think they fit quite nicely with the grindhouse movie style the game's trying to emulate. Sadly, although the Wet's great fun in small doses it can start to get a little bit repetitive during prolonged periods of play, but for under £10 it's definitely worth checking out.

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