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Wet PS3 £12.99 @ HMV [PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
Action Games, PS3 games, Wet
Playstation 3

Wet PS3 £12.99 @ HMV [PS3 Games]A great deal here for anyone who loves a good old fast paced shoot-em-up. You can currently get hold of a copy of Wet on the PS3 for £12.99 from HMV. This gives you a nice saving compared with the next best deal from Amazon where the game will set you back £15.49.

Combining elements of Max Payne and Stranglehold, the gameplay of Wet focuses on bullet time gun battles, ludicrous acrobatics and a bit of sword play thrown in for good measure. You assume the role of Rubi, a foul mouthed heroine so psychotic she makes Lara Croft look like something out of Jackanory. Wielding an array of weapons from duel pistols to shotguns to samurai swords, Rubi is on a quest for revenge and out to rack up more corpses than what’s her name from Kill Bill.

The game is certainly not lacking when it comes to action. Rubi can perform a variety of insane stunts including Matrix style wall runs, vertical dives through glass rooftops and some of the most far fetched jumps onto the rooftops of oncoming cars I think I’ve ever seen. But despite the fact this is all well and good; the gameplay can get quite repetitive. It lacks a steady sense of progression - there aren’t enough weapon upgrades, and the boss sequences are a real let down. However the environments are well presented, the dialogue is appropriately clichéd and the tongue-in-cheek gameplay is well complimented by its punk rock sound track.

All in all Wet is well worth a go, but probably not one of those titles which will have you coming back for more time and time again.Wet PS3 £12.99 @ HMV [PS3 Games]

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Louis  Nov. 24, 2009 at 17:25

Also same price on 360. May have to buy this!


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