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WH40K: Dark Millennium Is No Longer An MMO

Jonathan Lester
Dark Millennium, MMO, Singleplayer game, THQ, Vigil Games

WH40K: Dark Millennium Is No Longer An MMO

Relic & Vigil Hit By Layoffs

The long-teased Warhammer 40,000 MMO Dark Millenium has been completely re-purposed as a traditional singleplayer game with multiplayer modes, THQ has announced. It seems that the ambitious project was just too much for the financially insecure publisher to take on.

Plus, now that that scope of the project has been narrowed, you'd better believe that dozens of employees have been let go. It's a strange and saddening state of affairs, and we've got the full story below.

THQ were seeking an MMO partner for Dark Millenium as late as February 2012, after crushingly poor quarterly financials threatened to derail the project (and even remove THQ from NASDAQ). It seems that their attempts have been unsuccessful, and CEO Brian Farrell has had to announce a massive change in focus.

As previously announced, we have been actively looking for a business partner for the game as an MMO. However, based on changing market dynamics and the additional investment required to complete the game as an MMO, we believe the right direction for us is to shift the title from an MMO to a premium experience with single and multiplayer gameplay, robust digital content and community features.

Because we believe strongly in the high-quality and vast creative work that is in production, this is the right decision for both our portfolio and for gamers devoted to this powerful property.

Vigil has lost 79 full-time employees due to the change in focus, and Relic has lost 39. We wish the very best to all those affected.

So... where does that leave Dark Millennium? Will it be Space Marine in all but name? All we know is that THQ promise to give us more details soon.

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