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Who's That Flying?!

Who's That Flying?! | £1.99 | Steam | PC

Carl Phillips
Kalypso Media Digital, Mediatonic, PC games, Shoot 'Em Up games
Who's That Flying?! | PC

  • What: Who’s That Flying?!
  • Where: Steam
  • Current Price: £1.99
  • RRP: £3.99

Today’s daily deal on Steam gives us a rather entertaining Shoot ‘Em Up with a twist, and with the 50% reduction in the usual price you can get it for less than the price of a pint. A port of the PSP Mini release that emerged last year, this SHMUP with tower defence elements sees you control The Guardian of Earth against waves of alien invaders. Reports suggest it is genuinely entertaining game with quite a few comical moments, and the unlockable challenge modes breathe extra life into the title after the main game is done. For the price, I’d say it was definitely worth a look. Act fast if you’re interested though, as the deal expires at 6pm today.