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Wii 2 Features Blu-Ray?

Felix Kemp
Games news, Wii 2

Wii 2 Features Blu-Ray?

News of the Wii 2 broke yesterday, with Game Informer citing anonymous sources revealing details on Nintendo's successor to their current home console, boasting PS3-surpassing power. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but the rumors are certainly mounting, as now it appears another anonymous source has discovered Nintendo is considering including a blu-ray drive in the Wii 2.

We already investigated news of the Wii 2's apparent specs last night, concluding that it showed Nintendo's apparent focus on reclaiming the hardcore crowd they've abandoned this generation. It's tech is said to be more powerful than both the Xbox 360 and PS3 - which, until now, has been the only differentiator between Nintendo and their rivals - with prototypes being shown to publishers already, in preparation for a 2012 launch.

Personally, I'm inclined to believe all this. Wii sales have sagged of late, and Nintendo must know they can't simply rely on party and family-friendly cash ins to sustain the business long-term. While I doubt their intentions to recapture the hardcore mean they'll similarly abandon the casual crowd, a more powerful, traditional console isn't too farfetched.

However, blu-ray functionality raises a few eyebrows. Namely, because it's Sony tech. I understand Sony is a mass-media company; they don't just make consoles. After all, some parts of Microsoft and Sony - bitter rivals in the console business - get on quite well. However, conceding blu-ray exclusivity to a rival who's already miles ahead of you seems like an odd choice for Sony to make. Although maybe the profit incentives make up for this.

E3 is just around the corner, and I expect it'll be a blockbuster event. Microsoft and Sony can't hope to win consumer's hearts if Nintendo announce a new console and they're left clutching news of Kinect and Move titles. We're excited, are you? [Eurogamer]

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Peter  Apr. 15, 2011 at 16:20

I will be eagerly awaiting this announcement. I steadfastly supported the Wii and all the decent titles that came along. Then I got an Xbox 360 from a friend and I've rarely looked back since. Which sadly means I'm still a long way from finishing Metroid: Other M. But I digress...

If increased processing power, blu-ray capability and perhaps even increased third-party support are on the cards, then it could be a winner and I agree, Nintendo were surely going to have to go this way one day or another. Sure, keep the core titles, I'd be more than happy to do away with the bargain bin junk if it meant more of the Battlefields, Bioshocks, Portals etc. of this world appearing on a Nintendo console.

I suspect this might just be the beginning of the next-gen console race too. I'm not sure how much longer the other major consoles, especially the 360, have in particular straining at the proverbial ceiling that limits the way forward for Microsoft and Sony. I guess that's for the future. Whatever...we'd all be winners if that happened.



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