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From The Wii 2 To Jackman In Uncharted: News Roundup October 29th

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Today’s news roundup sees the possibility of a new Wii offering Blu-ray and 1080P support in 2010, Nintendo confirm a new DSi model to be released in Japan this November, and rumours of Hugh ‘Wolverine’ Jackman to take the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie.

Wii 2 Rumoured for Next Year, Blu-ray Drive and 1080P Support Included

From The Wii 2 To Jackman In Uncharted: News Roundup October 29th

Thanks to a Nintendo of France marketing employee, it appears specs have been released regarding the ‘Wii 2’.  This new breed of Wii is reportedly set for release in the third quarter of next year, complete with a Blu-ray drive and 1080P support, bringing the Wii firmly into this generation.

An option to trade in the original Wii will also be available apparently, making the new model a bit more affordable.  Nintendo have no plans to reveal this anytime soon, but with a year to go until release we’ll likely be drip-fed morsels every now and then to keep us happy.  [MaxConsole]

New Nintendo DSi LL Officially Announced

From The Wii 2 To Jackman In Uncharted: News Roundup October 29th

Following rumours of a new DSi model hitting Japan later this year, Nintendo have just gone and confirmed the whole thing on their official Japanese site.  The new model is to be named the DSi LL, and is currently headed for a November 21st release in Japan.  The LL will cost approximately 2,000 yen more than the current DSi, but boasts a larger 4.2 inch screen, as well as a greatly increased battery life.

The DSi LL will also include a full-size pen in the mix, and will be offered in three different colours: Natural White, Dark Brown, and Wine Red.  A slightly bigger screen may not be enough to warrant a new purchase, so don’t go throwing your DS in the fire just yet.  No European release details have been released yet, but you’ll know as soon as we know.  [1UP]

Nolan North Hints at Hugh Jackman to Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie

From The Wii 2 To Jackman In Uncharted: News Roundup October 29th

With an Uncharted movie adaption in the works, everybody is playing the guessing game for who will take the lead role.  The obvious choice would be Nolan North, the man who acted as and voiced Nathan Drake in the previous Uncharted games.  But as North explained in a recent interview, he may not be cut out to take on a blockbuster Hollywood role just yet.  “I would love to do the movie, obviously I’d love to do it as Nathan Drake [...] but I’ve done film and television and I understand the reality of the business,” said North.

When questioned on who he would like to take on the role, North named Hugh Jackman as his top choice.  “Jackman is who I’d like to see. I think the producers would like to see Jackman too, because he has that tough guy exterior, but [...] there’s also a lot going on behind his eyes,” said North.  “A lot of emotion and sensitivity on that brusque exterior and he has great comic timing.”  The apparent sexiest man of 2009 has yet to comment, but if he’s on board, it looks like every else is too.  [PushSquare]

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Gunn  Oct. 29, 2009 at 21:01

interesting news about the Wii, will it be backward compatible?

Cheap Wii  Oct. 29, 2009 at 21:05

Without current-gen graphics the upgrade is frivolous.

Blu-ray, 1080p is for movies. We want better graphics and better games.

Once PS3 and Xbox 360 get motion controls you can wave the Wii goodbye.

Ryan  Oct. 31, 2009 at 21:28

I think Gerard Butler would be a perfect fit for the role of Nathan Drake. He has the rugged look and the goofiness.


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