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Wii 3 in 1 Quad Powerstation with batteries 14.99 @ Argos [Wii Games]

Marius Goubert
Games accessories, Quad Charger, Wii games

Wii 3 in 1 Quad Powerstation with batteries 14.99 @ Argos [Wii Games]If you’re fed up with seeing your Nintendo Wii remote and Nunchuk controller lying in a disorderly mess around your console – you know, really lowering the tone of your bedroom – then you could always invest in one of these neat little 3 in 1 Quad Powerstations. They are down from £19.99 to £14.99 according to the Argos website whilst one customer on the Hotukdeals thread said that they almost paid £29.99 for one in store. So you could be making as much as a £15 saving…

Of course, as already mentioned, the big advantage with one of these charger/ stands is that it makes your whole gaming area look nice and tidy. The charger can house up to four Wii remotes along with you NunChuk controller and also has slot right in the middle where you can stand your Nintendo Wii console. It also comes with batteries included which, according to one of the Argos’ customer reviews, are in fact rechargeable. Also, in case you were wondering, even if you only own two Wii remotes it makes no difference. You can just leave them charging with the other two slots empty.

This product has had overwhelmingly good reviews and about the only criticism which customers had of the 3 in 1 Quad Powerstation was the fact that occasionally the controllers need a bit of encouragement to slot into the stand properly. Wii 3 in 1 Quad Powerstation with batteries 14.99 @ Argos [Wii Games]However, aside from this, the Quad Powerstation will keep all your Wii equipment nice and compact and let you enjoy your Wii console without constantly being interrupted when the batteries go flat.

Thanks to RMSSCS from Hotukdeals.

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