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Wii Fit (Original) £60 @ Next [Wii Games]

Neil Mohr
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Wii Fit (Original) £60 @ Next [Wii Games]

Trying to find a shop that stocks the Wii Fit can be almost as tiring as the fun exercises this innovative Wii accessory and game offers. It might be the original Wii Fit bundle but it’s 100 percent compatible with the latest Wii Fit Plus and still comes with the original exercise package. At £60 from Next this is a great price, SimplyGames.com is almost £10 more expensive at £69.89. While CD WOW does stock Wii Fit Plus for £76.99. It’s also possible to get free delivery by agreeing to have a catalogue sent to you or use the voucher code below!

  • Free delivery voucher code: L5001

At one point it seemed like Nintendo was going to fade away as a force in the console world, after the disappointment of the GameCube. However, its focus on casual gaming has won it a huge army of new fans, which has left the once mocking hardcore somewhat bemused. Wii Fit is yet another perfect example of its genius, having shifted more than 3 million boards over the last two years.

The key to Wii Fit is that it's fun, in a way it’s just a glorified set of digital scales that connect wirelessly to your Wii, but along the way you get to take part in various different activities. Some are obviously straight-forward exercises, while others are games that are ingenuously designed to keep you fit and improve suppleness. It’s the clever masking of exercise as a game that really sells the Wii Fit.

The presentation is fun and welcoming and it offers a simple way to track your weight and implement a weight-loss regime. This takes the form of graphs presented by your own Wii Mii and you can have the whole family on there, so it becomes something everyone can take part in. There is a danger it’ll just end up gathering dust in the corner, alongside the sandwich toaster and bread maker, but you can hardly blame Nintendo for your lack of motivation, can you now?

Thanks to Dave Mac on Hotukdeals!

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