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Wii Mini Console Confirmed, Exclusive To Canada [UPDATE]

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Rumour, Wii, Wii Mini

Wii Mini Console Confirmed, Exclusive To Canada [UPDATE]

Rumours concerning a new form factor Wii console seem to be right on the money according to Best Buy Canada, who've slapped the recently-leaked micro-console with a December 7th release date in a front page banner. Interestingly, the product page doesn't seem to be in place yet, suggesting an accidental slip. [via EG]

Yes, that is the best picture we have. Sorry.

Nintendo has yet to officially confirm the red and black slim console, but a purportedly leaked product schedule suggests that it might be out in time for Christmas in some territories. Its successor, the Wii U, hits British shores in three days. UPDATE:  Nintendo has officially announced that the Wii Mini is indeed real, but will be exclusive to Canada. Back to work. Nothing to see here.

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