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New Wii Model Same Size As Original

Felix Kemp
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New Wii Model Same Size As Original

The newly revealed Wii model is causing quite the stir; first, with its abrupt announcement; then, when Nintendo cut all GameCube backwards-compatibility; and now, with confirmation that the new model is the exact same size as the old, with the only difference being the lack of GameCube ports and peripheral support.

According to the Official Nintendo Magazine, the new Wii is 157mm tall, 44mm wide and 215.4 mm long. Identical proportions to its preceding model, sans of course GameCube ports and the accompanying tech inside. Furthermore, a revelation we didn't pick up on last week was the console's new stance, with Nintendo designing the new Wii specifically to lie on its side rather than sitting up vertically.

But Nintendo wouldn't release a new console just for it to be aligned a different way. The removal of GameCube functionality - which is also missing in the upcoming Wii U - suggest a concerted effort from Nintendo to distance their fan-base from their older library of games and shepherd them towards pastures new.

Personally, we're a little miffed with all this. Nintendo haven't even announced a price yet. The new model comes as part of a bundle packing a Wii Remote Plus and a copy of Wii Party, and will replace the current line of Wii models which will duly be discontinued. So, GameCube fans, I suggest you either reinvest in that particular console or keep hold of your current Wii model. [ONM]

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rabbots75  Aug. 23, 2011 at 13:49

I'd imagine that the removal of GC compatibility is a step towards digital distribution of GC games for the Wii U (and possibly this Wii facelift) and not 'shepherding gamers' onto new software/ip.

Perhaps the facelift Wii is intended to stack on top of the Wii U?

theslickmeister  Aug. 24, 2011 at 08:24

@rabbots75 You still need the dedicated hardware inside the Wii in order to play the GC games tho, but, even if they were going for something like software emulation instead of dedicated hardware, you'd still need the GC peripheral port to plug the GC controller in to play the bladdy things! :)

MattGardner  Aug. 24, 2011 at 13:11

I literally cannot fathom what the hell Nintendo are playing at these days. And every time I try to talk about them I end up going purple with rage and stopping mid-sentence from sheer fury. It just seems that they have absolutely no idea what the....

*keels over*


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