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Wii Play + Wiimote £22.98 @ Amazon [Wii Games]

Lydia Low
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Wii Play + Wiimote £22.98 @ Amazon [Wii Games]

If you need another Wii remote, you can't go far wrong with this great deal. You also get the fun and rather addictive Wii Play with it to demonstrate the multiplayer fun that those dreadful adverts try so hard to convey. Even if you have Wii Play already, this is a good price for a Wiimote.

The next best price for the bundle is £26.99 from Power Play Direct, so Amazon's offer gives you a saving of £4, and its not unusual for retailers to sell it at £30 or more.

There are nine games included on the disc: Shooting Range (which offers exactly what the title suggests), Find Mii (a Where's Wally style puzzle involving parades of Miis), Table Tennis (an absurdly simplified version in which your only aim is to maintain a rally), Pose Mii (a strange game where you have to Wii Play + Wiimote £22.98 @ Amazon [Wii Games]match up your Mii's pose to the silhouette printed on a bubble in order to pop it), Laser Hockey (fairly self explanatory), Billiards (hit your Mii in the face with a cue!), Fishing (paper cut out fish in a paddling pool), Charge! (a bizarre knitted race course populated with bouncing scarecrows which you must navigate on a woolen cow. Of course) and Tanks (the only game which requires use of the nunchuck, in which you must take your toy tank around a series of mini mazes, taking out opponents before they destroy you).

The quality of the games is a bit hit and miss but I found enough in here to kill many an hour and I still occasionally head back for a bit of cow racing, fishing or target shooting even now. As an added extra to a second remote that you had intended to purchase anyway, it is a nice little time killer and a fun outing for your Miis.Wii Play + Wiimote £22.98 @ Amazon [Wii Games]

Thanks to iw1234 at Hotukdeals!

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