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Wii U Premium Bundle, Mario Kart 8 & free game promotion only £199.00 at Tesco (with code)

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, Wii U

Wii U Premium Bundle, Mario Kart 8 & free game promotion only £199.00 at Tesco (with code)

Wii U Premium bundle, Mario Kart 8 & free game download | Tesco | £199.00
Voucher Code: TDX-LVY3 | Free game promotion info

It's back! Let's face it, you're about to buy a Wii U.

Tesco's TDX-LVY3 voucher code will net you the Wii U console and Mario Kart 8 (which is sensational according to practically everyone on the internet), but that's not all. You also get a major free download game including the likes of Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD and The Wonderful 101 - the choice is yours.

With change for 20o notes. We've been waiting for this deal to return, since at this price, it's harder to justify not buying a Wii U than actually buying one. Thanks to middlekek @ HUKD!

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Late  May. 20, 2014 at 09:58

A few days ago John Lewis had the basic console on sale for £112 (bundled with a game and a few bits and bobs).
It turned out to be a mistake, and orders were not honoured. Not that it affects me, though. I was tempted, sure - but decided not to place an order.
It's definitely worrying when a fairly new console can fall into impulse-buy territory and still leave me shrugging my shoulders.
(Not everyone was as indifferent to the offer as me. They apparently "sold" nearly 1000 consoles in about 1 hour.)

Package was for Wii U 8GB Basic Pack with New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario Mascot and 8GB SD Card.
hukd link if anyone's interested.
Gutted for those folk who placed their orders, thinking it was genuine (and it certainly seemed to be) and then bought a few Wii U games from various sites, only to have the console order cancelled - so now have games for a console they don't own and aren't really interested in buying unless they see it for around £100 again. :(

MattGardner  May. 20, 2014 at 11:47

It's an utter shambles and it looks like John Lewis have managed to screw up refunds too. It's damnable when companies fail to honour orders such as this. It might be an honest mistake, it could be a cynical ploy -- frankly it doesn't make a difference, JL screwed up and the consumers shouldn't have to pay for that.

Tsung  May. 20, 2014 at 14:36

I dunno, when companies make mistakes like this I'm sure they would honor the mistake. Trouble is nowadays it ends up on a deal site (HUKD) and wham there is a sudden influx of orders. That again might not be too bad except I guarantee you there will be greedy people out there trying to order 5 or 10 or as many as they can afford at a time. The greedy few spoil it for the rest (as the mistake might fly under the radar).

It's one thing for a company to honor a price mistake to a few customers who notice and take advantage, it's totally another to giveaway your stock at a loss en-mass because people think they are entitled.


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