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Wii Remote Quad Charger £12.49 @ Argos [Wii Games]

Marius Goubert
Games accessories, Quad Charger, Wii games

Wii Remote Quad Charger £12.49 @ Argos [Wii Games]As Nintendo Wii owners will already know, constantly buying new batteries for your controller can set you back a small fortune. So if you haven’t done so already get yourself a pair which is rechargeable, or better still, pick up one of these beasty Wii Remote Quad Chargers which are currently going for half price at Argos.

Cut done from £25, you can now get your hands on one for only £12.49 which, amidst the cheers and rejoices of eco-warriors the world over, means no more battery wastage! For the rest of us however, who deep down, really couldn’t care less about the environment, this is still a worthwhile bargain as you’ll save a pretty penny on batteries in the long run.

As you’ve no doubt guessed, this charger allows you to recharge up to four Wii remotes at once. It comes complete with four replacement rechargeable battery packs plus covers, and utilizes a power supply directly from the Wii console. Some customers seemed slightly anxious about this and wondered whether their poor old Wii console might buckle under the strain of having to recharge controllers and play at the same time.Wii Remote Quad Charger £12.49 @ Argos [Wii Games]

This was apparently described in Overheat Magazine according to Cammie18 from HUKD, but no customers seem to have experienced the problem so far. Those who are slightly worried bear in mind that it is possible to charge from a USB source – as pointed out by cp30 from HUKD – so you can just plug the thing into your desktop PC. Overall, a charger like this (or at the minimum some rechargeable batteries) is an essential piece of kit for any owner of a Nintendo Wii.

Thanks to Millarcat from Hotukdeals.

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