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Wii U To Repair Divide Between Core And Casual

Felix Kemp
E3 2011, Games news, Wii, Wii U

Wii U To Repair Divide Between Core And Casual

I'm still mired in a state of ambiguity regarding Wii U. While I'm a little disappointed Nintendo are once again sculpting a console around a controller, I can't deny that controller is a fantastic, potentially revolutionary chunk of tech. Nintendo claim the Wii U is designed to tailor for every gamer's needs, be they core or casual, as they attempt to bridge the gap they take full responsibility for causing.

In the latest post from Iwata Asks - a series of interviews conducted by Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata - he spoke to fellow Nintendo legend, Shigeru Miyamoto, as they discussed the recent reveal of the Wii U. Iwata admitted that, despite the Wii's rampant success, they couldn't "cater to every gamer's needs".

Candid stuff, but Miyamoto wasn't finished lamenting the company's failings. "One of the key reasons that such things as the core and the casual exist today is that we decided not to adopt HD on the Wii console". The Wii's lack of graphical horsepower and Nintendo's initial insistence on pushing casual titles played no small part in forming a divide between their traditional stable of hardcore gamers and the new audience ushered in.

"I'm sure everyone would agree that we tried really hard to go wider," Iwata explains. "But even though we worked aggressively to go deeper in certain areas, the general public's impression that Nintendo was casual grew as time went by". Here at Dealspwn, we grew up with Nintendo and their strong roster of titles catered for the core, but in recent years we've had to jump ship to the Xbox or Playstation in search of similar experiences no longer found on Nintendo's console.

Enter the Wii U. Nintendo is adamant the increased processor power, string of top publisher partnerships and revolutionary tech can help bring back their wayward flock. "I think this is an opportunity for those games that were considered to be core up to now, to evolve into something [with an] even more interesting structure," states Miyamoto. "That core vs. casual debate seems like something that can never see a resolution, but with Wii U, I have a feeling that it all may change".

Matt and Jon will bring us hands-on with the Wii U later this week. Stay tuned, Dealspwners. [Iwata Asks]

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Andrew  Jun. 8, 2011 at 14:06

"Matt and Jon will bring us hands-on with the Wii U later this week."

Just make sure it is a Wii U (check where the cables go!) http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2011-06-08-fils-aime-admits-to-using-ps3-360-footage-in-presser

Late  Jun. 8, 2011 at 14:20

Any indication of price of the individual controllers, or in fact that each console will support more than one tablet controller?

My biggest concern is that I usually run four controllers on pretty much every console (plus others as they get worn out/broken) - which could make the U very expensive.
If you're talking £300-£400 for the console with one bundled controller, and another £100 each for a few more controllers, then Nintendo have priced themselves way outta my market.

And if it turns out you just tether one tablet controller to each console and aren't supposed to have others then either one person is at an advantage, or the other players can play without the controller at no disadvantage - in which case what's the point of the controller.

I'm far from sold on the whole idea of the U - but the more I think about the whole "sniper scope on a light gun" idea the more I love it. And there'll be a plethora of other uses even better than that that I've not considered yet...

Gunn  Jun. 8, 2011 at 16:53

They did a great job of not really answering or stating the things we want to know, its all speculation at the moment and will just have to wait to see. I'd be impressed if the system could handle streaming to 4 controllers with different content but your guess or £100 for the controller doesn't sound far of it might even be too low. Sony did show one game with the ability to play on the PS3 then onto the Vita, I#m surprised they've not pushed this as a killer app of the Vita and there was no mention if we can remote play ALL PS3 games on the Vita now that there are 2 thumbsticks.

keluar  Jun. 8, 2011 at 20:54

I think they will bring out normal controller (without screen)as well to lower cost

Rod  Jun. 10, 2011 at 13:14

I really goddamn hope they can do this. I don't mind the fact that companies have started crapping out a load of shovelware casual games, because that market is basically an endless goldmine of people who have more money than sense. It stands to reason that the industry wants some of said money. Completely understandable.

I mainly don't care that those games are made because I never play them, and in general, the quality of the "hardcore" games I do play has remained pretty much even. If it's not detrimental to my experience, they can keep making them forever.

What I care about is when publishers act as if their casual BS games will appeal to hardcore gamers like me, and try to sell me things like Fable 4, under the pretense that it is a game for everyone. That kind of completely delusional marketing is what ruins things for me.

This E3, although it has had some great games on display, was probably the worst I've ever seen in terms of press conferences. Both MS and Sony's conferences were aimed at that dude who's always playing Angry Birds on his iPhone and doesn't even know what E3 is. From the buzz online, most Average Joe Gamers appear to feel the same.

I say let's see what Nintendo can do.


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