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Wii U SKUs To Release In Japan On December 8th

Matt Gardner
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Wii U SKUs To Release In Japan On December 8th

Nintendo have announced that the Wii  U will release in Japan on December 8th in two forms: Basic and Premium. The former will carry 8GB of storage space and come in trademark Wii albino white. The Premium SKU will come in at 32GB and arrive in a shadowy hue of black.

Nintendo spilled the beans in a Nintendo Direct broadcast in the early hours of this morning, aso revealing Japanese price points. The black 32GB Premium set will cost ¥31,500 , and ¥26,250 for the white 8GB Basic set.

There'll be a separate announcement later today at 3pm BST for Europe and the US, because exchange rates rarely mean anything at all when it comes to foreign pricing, but for the sake of comparison, here's what those prices look like in pounds and dollars at the time of writing, according to XE.

  • Basic: $337.94/£209.77
  • Premium: $405.50/£251.67

Nintendo also revealed that an extra GamePad, when sold separately, will set you back ¥13,440 ($173/£107)

There's no telling where the eventual RRPs will fall, and UK prices usually end up annoyingly close to the dollar figure, but we can hope in this instance. We won't have long to wait in any case, so keep those fingers crossed. Would you buy a Wii U if it came in at £250?

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JonLester  Sep. 13, 2012 at 09:24

Crying shame that Nintendo Land isn't a pack-in, but broadly speaking, the price is right.

Sorry, that price is right. In Japan.

This afternoon will be very interesting.

It also appears that Nintendo are ready to face the digital future head-on with some whopping hard drives...

Late  Sep. 13, 2012 at 09:46

Holy cr*p, the controller's more expensive than the console.
(I'm arguably talking liberties with that statement.)

I'm definitely out. If we'd been looking at the basic bundle being less than £200 (including a tablet and one fully playable party game) and additional tablets being less than £50 then I would've had a decision to make. The additional tablet would be necessary (but possibly bought a few months later) because nobody wants the kids fighting over who gets the tablet and who gets the wand.
Like I say, I'd then have to make a decision - it wouldn't be a definite buy. Far from it.

If they're looking at around £400, though, they're having a laugh. (That's guesswork, based on £230 for the basic bundle, £120 extra slate, £40 game, and I've rounded up a tenner.)

£150 I'm all over it.
£200 Tough call, but I'd probably go for it.
£250 Unlikely, but still possible.
£300 No chance.
£350 You're just being silly now.
£400 Stick it where the sun don't shine. No, really - this is the real price point? Nintendo's lost the plot.

UK prices still to be confirmed, of course, but they ain't going to be cheaper than a direct yen to sterling conversion. They're going to be more expensive.
My guess:
Basic bundle £230
Premium bundle £280
Extra controller £120

Struggling to see what's premium about the premium bundle, btw. Assuming the internal memory works the same way as external memory (ie has no advantages over it) then you're going to end up with a hard drive plugged in to either console - so why would anyone pay an extra fifty quid for a few extra gig and a different colour scheme?...

MattGardner  Sep. 13, 2012 at 10:30

The additional tablet would be necessary (but possibly bought a few months later) because nobody wants the kids fighting over who gets the tablet and who gets the wand.

That's a really interesting point, and your absolutely right about the premium bundle too. Those hard drive sizes are absurd. If you're able to hook up an external drive as has been strongly rumoured, you're essentially paying £50 for a respray.

Late  Sep. 13, 2012 at 10:40

Looks like there's a couple of little extras in the premium bundle - charger/stands, and membership to loyalty reward scheme (buy ten games online, get an eleventh free?) but nothing substantial.

It's worth mentioning that I'm only guessing at 2 users being able to use slates, btw. They've said it's possible, but I'm not sure if any games have been confirmed as supporting it. Seems inevitable to me (who wants asymmetric gameplay and bickering kids) but only time will tell.

JonLester  Sep. 13, 2012 at 10:50

@Late: no launch titles support two GamePads as far as I'm aware - not even NintendoLand. Considering how expensive they are, the whole concept might not become commonplace for a while (even though it would be rad).

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