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From Wii Sports Resort To Halo Anime: News Roundup 24th July

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Nintendo has turned part of New York into a tropical paradise to commemorate the launch of Wii Sports Resort in today’s news roundup.  Also, Saw director James Wan takes control of the Castlevania movie, Brutal Legend developers Double Fine Productions countersue Activision, and Halo goes Japanese in the form of a seven-part anime series.

Nintendo Host Wii Sports Resort Party

From Wii Sports Resort To Halo Anime: News Roundup 24th July

Nintendo transformed a section of New York City’s Times Square into “WuHu Island”, a tropical haven celebrating the release of Wii Sports Resort. Nintendo demonstrated many of the activities available in Wii Sports Resort here, including Table Tennis, Frisbee, Basketball, Swordplay, Archery, Wakeboarding and Wii Sport favourites Bowling and Golf, because Bowling is obviously everyone's favourite summer sport.

Three Professional athletes were also brought along for the party.  Alston Wang, AKA “The Hidden Tiger” is a top table tennis player and only 10 years old, Martin Vezzuto, a highly trained Archery expert, and Bradford Keller, a top flying disc athlete.   All three athletes challenged guests in their respective sports, and probably won.  Wii Sports Resort is hitting the streets on July 26th, and will likely dominate the charts for most of the foreseeable future.  [1UP]

Saw Director Sets His Sights On Castlevania

From Wii Sports Resort To Halo Anime: News Roundup 24th July

Horror director James Wan, of Saw fame, is set to direct the previously cancelled Castlevania film.  “I'm very fresh on this project, so it's in the early stages and I'm still trying to work things out, but the producers love my vision for it” said Wan.  Previous versions of the film caused controversy among fans, with the leaked script even lacking the trademark Vampire Slayer.

Wan believes this shouldn’t be a problem with his version, hoping to “make a highly stylized, fantasy, action film that focuses on the gothic storyline and the cool anime-like characters”, promising the whip would make an appearance, something which, according to Wan, “attracted me to the project in the first place”.  [BloodyDisgusting]

Double Fine Productions File Countersuit Against Activision

From Wii Sports Resort To Halo Anime: News Roundup 24th July

Double Fine Productions, the Developer behind upcoming game Brutal Legend has filed a countersuit against Activision, for attempting to block the release of the game.  Activision has apparently intended to hurt the company and the game, in a move aiming to stop the game release in order to protect sales of the Guitar Hero series.

The suit claims Activision showed no interest in the game back in 2008, and after a failed attempt to brand the game with the Guitar Hero name they canceled the project.  Double Fine go on to point out the company’s livelihood is dependent on the success of Brutal Legend, responding to Activision’s claims that the games release under a different publisher could seriously harm them.  Brutal Legend should still be on target for an October release date provided Activision doesn’t meddle too much.  [TheAssociatedPress]

Halo To Become Seven Part Anime Series

From Wii Sports Resort To Halo Anime: News Roundup 24th July

Popular Xbox 360 series Halo has spawned an anime compilation titled Halo Legends, consisting of seven short stories based in the Halo universe.  5 different Japanese animation studios have so far lent their talents for the series, Production I.G perhaps the most noteworthy.  Ghost in the Shell and Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade are just two examples of their previous work.

A preview of Halo Legends will appear on the recently announced Halo Waypoint, a hub dedicated to Halo-related content on Xbox Live.  Waypoint and the preview should be available this fall.  [1UP]

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