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Wii Sports Resort plus Wii MotionPlus £27.89 @ SendIt.com [Wii Games]

Neil Mohr
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Wii Sports Resort plus Wii MotionPlus £27.89 @ SendIt.com [Wii Games]

If you’ve missed out so far on the must-have Wii accessory of last year then you’ll be glad to hear the price is on the move, downwards. A whole host of shops now stock the wii motion plus for just under the £28 mark but the leading two are SendIt.com and SimplyGames.com, undercutting even ASDA by a couple of pence.

It’s hard to know quite how to take the Wii Motion Plus. On the one hand it could be seen as Nintendo just refining the ability that has propelled the Wii to such success, on the other it could be seen as an odd admission that the Wii’s motion sensing is somewhat ropey and hey kids, here’s a £30 fix. It’s an odd sell but if enough good games are going to make use of it, then picking it up as a bundle makes complete sense.

Shipping with Wii Sports Resort was a safe bet for Nintendo. The original Wii Sports is really what captured every non-hardcore gamers’ imagination and made the collective heart of everyone else sink. But there’s no denying how fun Wii Sports Resort is - just the like the original it works best with friends and family. Everyone can join in and the precision the new controller makes is undeniable. From archery to throwing Frisbees, you can tell your movements are being precisely tracked.

But what of that promise of great games to come? Well it’s a bit shallow at the moment, unless Red Steel 2 turns out to be awesome and going from the original, that’s a big stretch. The only real shining star is the new Zelda. It’s reported that this will make use of the Wii MotionPlus both for sword fighting and puzzle solving. If that turns out to be true it could be the only reason we all need to own a Wii Motion Plus.

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