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Where the Wild Things Are £24.99 @ Cool Shop [PS3 Game]

Lydia Low
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Where the Wild Things Are £24.99 @ Cool Shop [PS3 Game]

I can't remember the last time I was as excited about the release of a film, as I am now, in anticipation of Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are. So I am not just crossing my fingers, but keeping my whole body positively pretzelled, that it will be a heck of a lot better than its apparently abysmal game counterpart.

If, however, you are even more absurdly obsessed with the tale, or you think it may just be worth ploughing through the chaff to reach the supposedly moving and high quality final scene, then you may just want to ignore the reviews and try it for yourself. So I present for your delectation, the top preorder deal.

Cool Shop's £24.99 price tag is £5 cheaper than the next best - £29.99 from either Gamestation or Game.

You take on the role of raucous rapscallion Max, as he explores the island of the Wild Things. The gameplay is made up of platforming with some combat thrown in for (questionably) good measure. Said combat has been pretty much unanimously declared dull and shoddy, with your only options a generic attack and a blocking move. The platforming does not fare much better, as it is repetitive and unispiring.

I really liked the screenshots that I have seen so far and so was expecting great things from the graphics but alas, IGN has dubbed Where the Wild Things Are an "an ugly game, regardless of on what platform you're playing it", with even the Wii version failing to meet the standards set by competitors.Where the Wild Things Are £24.99 @ Cool Shop [PS3 Game]

Colour me sad.

Thanks to the groutch at Hotukdeals!

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