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WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - Player Housing | Dealspwn Playthrough

Carl Phillips
Carbine Studios, Dealspwn Playthrough, MMORPGs, NCsoft, Player Housing, WildStar

WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - Player Housing | Dealspwn Playthrough
We're back with more coverage from inside the WildStar Winter Beta, as we continue to look at the various mechanics the game has to offer.

In today's episode of Dealspwn Playthrough, Carl provides commentary as he dives into the Player Housing of Carbine Studios' upcoming MMORPG. Watch as he investigates how plot plugs work, demonstrates the usefulness of mining nodes, attempts some mini-game challenges, before putting his redecoration skills to the test.

And then just ends up placing a giant banana. See it all by hitting the jump.

Please note that, as this is a Beta version, the footage shown may not reflect the final product.

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BetterThanLife  Dec. 28, 2013 at 12:16

How do I get on the beta? This looks f00king brilliant. Are you guys doing a giveaway any time soon?

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